June 22, 2013

DIY Cut-Off Shorts

Hi loves! Today's DIY will teach you how to take a pair of jeans and cut them into shorts. I actually just cat a pair of my own shorts (from Goodwill) into shorter ones, but the same method applies to pants as well. This is a simple and quick DIY. Let's get started!
1)First you'll want to try on your jeans/article of clothing to see where you want to cut it. I decided to cut mine about an inch or two above the original hemline, just to freshen up the style. The shorts had this weird half inch or so of fringe( extra shredded denim) at the bottom which made wearing the shorts harder. Anyway, you'll want to mark where you'll be cutting your shorts with a pen or marker (I used a thin Sharpie).

Mark just one side, so you don't have to worry about getting it even.

2)Once you've marked your shorts, take them off, turn them inside out, and lay them down . I just laid mine on the ground, but any surface will probably work. Lay the side you marked flat, and make sure all the folds in the fabric line up with where you're going to cut.

3)The next step is, cutting your shorts, of course! I just used my mom's kitchen scissors, but fabric scissors should work as well. Cut in as straight a line as possible. Maybe even a rotary cutter would work as well? I would definitely recommend only cutting one side of the clothing at a time, to ensure even sides and crisp edges. 

4)Once you are done with your one side cut, try your shorts on. Make sure you're comfortable with the for and everything. If they're still too long, mark the cut side at a shorter place and repeat step 3.

5) Once you're satisfied with your one side, turn the shorts inside out, this part is a but tricky, but basically just line up the seam along the inside, near the crotch area, mark the uncut side at the same length of the cut side. Make sure everything is even, and then repeat step 3).

6) Turn your shorts right side out, try them on, make sure they fit how you want them too and come up to where you need them, and that everything is cut correctly. 

7) Now you can distress your shorts if you want to, an any way you want to! AndreasChoice has a video on YouTube of how she distresses her shorts, but you can also just use sand paper or a nail file to add some old feel to your shorts. In this video she begins distressing her shorts at 2:36

7) You're done!

If you accidentally cut your shorts too short, and you can't wear them because of a dress code, you can use lace! Come back in a few weeks to see how I fix too-short shorts! 

Thanks so much for reading this easy DIY! I actually am using these cut shorts for another DIY project coming soon, so check back in the next couple of days and look for the next project. Hint: It's made in the USA. :)

P.S. Please excuse the weird font/bolding/crappy pictures oops.
Thanks for reading! Let me know in a comment below if you're going to try this DIY, or tweet me @giadalovesya 

                                                                                    xoxo, Giada

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