August 6, 2013

Pretty Places

Here are some pictures I've found on tumblr or other online sites of places I'd love to visit one day:

I really want to find this place. It looks so lush and full of adventure. I'm a pretty outdoorsy person, and I'd love to explore here.

I love the ocean, from the soft crash of the waves, to the crisp, salty air, and the call of seagulls. This place looks so tranquil and relaxing. 

I love sunflowers. They're so bright and cheery. I especially love the way they seek out the sun. They will turn from side to side to catch rays, and they look like suns themselves. 
This is someone's balcony, overlooking some city, somewhere. It's bursting with color, full of plants and books. I bet the sunset from here is spectacular. Speaking of sunset...

I've been here before. This is my favorite place in the entire world. I love sunsets so much, and the sunsets here are always perfect.