February 24, 2013

NOTD: Essie in Smooth Sailing

NOTD stands for Nails of the Day. In these types of posts, I'll be showing you how I've done my nails lately. So, here I go!

The nails I'm wearing this week are Essie's Smooth Sailing. It originally came out in the summer 2011 Braziliant Collection, so I'm not entirely sure if you can still get it in stores. If not, you should be able to find it on eBay or Amazon.

It's a shimmery periwinkle color, perfect for summer. Two coats was enough for a completely opaque color. So far, I haven't had any problems wih chipping, so that's a huge plus!

Thanks for reading! I hope to do more of these soon. As you can see, my nails are by NO means perfect in any way. I just want to share my nail color with you, so enjoy! Have a nice day. I love you! :)

xoxo, giada.

February 7, 2013

January 2013 Favorites

Hey lovlies! January has now ended which means it's time for a January favorites blog post! This is my first one so chill if it isn't amazing. I wanted to make a video on this but windows movie maker was like nope, not gonna happen, so I'm writing it out. Ok. Let me just start before you fall asleep.

Beauty Favorites:

urban decay naked palette
I recieved this as a gift for my birthday this month (Jan. 1!) and I can't believe I haven't hit pan on anything yet. Considering HOW much I use them, they should all be gone by now. My favorite colors to use are Sin (second from left), all over my lid, and Half-baked(shimmery gold 6th from left) in my crease. Then I blend the two together using Naked(3rd from left) so it works. And oh my gosh are they pigmented. One swipe and I've got a finger full of glitter. No, seriously. I have used this everyday that I've worn makeup in the month of January(so like 27 days). I'm absolutely obsessed. Review to come. :)

benefit watt's up
I recieved a sample of this from Benefit as my Sephora birthday gift and I love it. The formula is so rich and creamy and it is super blendable. I apply it to my temples, the bridge of my nose, and my cupid's bow. On days when I don't wear much makeup, I'll put some on my brow bone and gently rub/pat it in. It's a gorgeous champange-gol clor that will match nearly any skin tone! Love it!

organix penetrating oil
I recieved this as a gift and I wasn't so sure it'd work. BOY was I wrong. I use it after I wash my hair and it dries a little. I rub a dime-size drop through my hair and into the ends. I avoid putting anything in the hair above my ears because excess oil can cause greasy hair if it's near your scalp. after using it a few times, I noticed that it made my ends fresh-looking and super soft. It smells yummy too.

benefit bad gal lash mascara

I received this for Christmas and it has easily become one of my favorite mascaras EVER. When I wear it, I first apply a lengthening mascara first. Then I do my brows so it can dry. Then I go back with my Benefit mascara and I sweep a few coats on. It instantly lengthens, separates and defines my eyelashes. It's not super cheap, but it's definitely worth it.

Other Favorites:

My favorite songs for this month have been Don't You Worry Child-Swedish House Mafia,

and Princess of China-Coldplay feat. Rihanna

And I've been absolutely obsessed with hot cocoa, preferably Swiss Miss.

I've also been loving Tumblr, so follow me
http://lovefromnarnia.tumblr.com/ I loooove tumblr ok.

Those were all of my favorites for the month of January! Thanks so much for reading and see ya later!!

xoxo, Giada :)