June 13, 2013

DIY: Dandelion Crowns

Hi lovelies! Today's post is on how to make these awesome dandelion crowns! There are so many dandelions right now where I live, and I remember making dandelion crowns as a child. I looked at a couple of tutorials on blogs and on YouTube, but those seemed super complicated. I tried sewing the dandelions together, but because of how thin the stems are, any stitch I used just ripped the stem to shreds. Getting desperate, I tuned to my trusty hot glue gun. I found some ribbon, and I just sorted of winged it! Here's how I did it:

•about 30-40 dandelions - I used 30 on mine, but it's better to have more in case one gets ruined or is too small. The bigger the better! 
•about 100 cm (40 in) white ribbon - I used plain white ribbon from the dollar store, but you can use any other color or pattern. If you use something like lace, though, just be careful that the glue doesn't go through and get stuck to your hair.
•scissors - regular kitchen scissors will work, just be sure to wash them before using them again
•hot glue gun - remember to turn it off once you're done!

1. Gather your materials and prepare a workspace. Also plug in/turn on the glue gun at this time so it's nice and hot for gluing.
2. Cut your length of ribbon (enough to wrap around you head, and extra to tie the back), and select your dandelions. 

3. Taking the two ends between you thumb and forefinger, find the center of your ribbon. This is where you'll place the first dandelion. On either side measure and equal amount. I used about 45 cm (18 in) of ribbon for the actual dandelions, the rest was just to tie off the ends. 

4. Cut all of the stems off of the dandelions. Taking your scissors, cut just below the leaves around the base, any higher and all of the minuscule petals will be everywhere. Place the stems in a container for compost (or just throw them outside onto some grass). Try not to throw them away, though. 

5. It's gluing time! Begin gluing down your dandelions about 1/2 inch away from each other. Do it one at a time, and make sure to press down firmly on the back of the ribbon so that it stays. Continue this until you get your desired length.

6. Turn off your glue gun and you're done! Enjoy your dandelion crown!

I hope you enjoyed this short little tutorial on how to make a dandelion crown :) They don't last very long at all, mine only lasted about four-five hours, but it's still really fun. You can now easily channel your inner flower child or Narnian princess. I also made a bracelet and a ring by using these same steps. Thanks so much for reading!

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