March 5, 2013

February Favorites 2013

Hey Lovelies! Happy March! I've fallen in love with a ton of new products for the month of February. Some beauty products, and some random things! Let's get started!
My first favorite for the month of February is the LOLA perfume by Marc Jacobs. I recieved this as a birthday present and I couldn't have found a better perfume. According to the Sephora perfume experts, this scent is described as pink peppercorn, pear, and ruby grapefruit notes of vanilla and fuschia peony finish off the delicious scent. it's a very mature scent, but still very playful. I'm obsessed with it, and the packaging is amazingly fun.
My next favorite product is the EOS Lip Balm in Pomegrante Raspberry. I got this about a month ago, and I love it! It tastes so so so so so good and it really does work as a great moisturizer for your lips. I recently finished my green EOS, and I was so sad until I found this!
The last beauty product I've been loving this month is Benefit's Stay dont Stray. This is a sample I recieved with a purchase about a year ago, and I recently started using it. It keeps my shadow staying vibrant all day and it makes it last a really long time on my lids, so it defenitely works for me! I totally recommend this, and once i finish this this I will probably buy the full-size, even though it's sorta pricey, around $30.
My first non-beauty favorite for this month is this gorgeous little ring I found at Forever 21 for $1.50. I know. I KNOW. Its a rose gold ring with a heart covered in little fake diamonds. I wear it every single day on my left pointer finger. A few of the diamonds have since fallen out, which I kinda half-expected because of the inexpensiveness. I swiped some topcoat over the heart and now none of the diamonds are falling out! Yay!
My next random favorite is this star scarf from Target! I found this in the clearcance section for under $5 and I snapped it up! I'm obsessed with stars and this is gorgeous. It's a semi-sheer black cotton material with white stars printed all over it! I love wearing it with a plain white or black tee shirt, because it really makes an outfit. I love stars and I'll be looking for more star clothing items!
My next favorite are Chocolate Covered Craisins! Craisins are one of my favorite food and these are just the cherry on top... of the cranberry. It says that they're limited edition, but they've been in stores for years. They're relavitely inexpensive, and they are super good and curb my choclate cravings easily.
My last favorite for the month of February is this phone case I got from Claire's for around $2.50. It's Valentine's Day-inspired, but i love it anyway, and will probably use it for a long long time. It's rubber, instaed of the safer hard variety, but it's defenitely cute!
Also, check out this awesome blizzard that was in the background while I took my photos! I had a snow day today, yay! You should check out my Instagram where I post my actually good photos! It's @sheisathingofbeauty
Thanks for reading! I hope you have a nice day and if you live in the Midwest, be sure to be safe on the icy and snowy roads! I love you all and stay amazing! Happy March! Bye!
xoxo, giada.


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