March 10, 2013

Spring Jewelery For 2013

Hey Lovelies! Today I have some of the lovely jewelery I've been wearing for the springtime to show you! Accesories are really easy to work into your wardrobe or outfit, and I love these pieces!

These earrings are from Forever 21,and came in a set of 2 for two-three dollars. They're simple bow-shaped studs encrusted with fake diamonds. For studs, they're actually sorta heavy, but I love them anyway and will be wearing them all spring long! 
This pearly bracelet is from Forever 21 and was under $5. The part that wraps around your wrist is a double strand of faux pearls that come together at the top. The flower part is net-ish with a tiny little pearl in the center. It almost looks like a corsage! LOL! I really like this bracelet because it doesn't pinch your skin like some stretchy bracelets do. Ya feel me?
The next thing I have isn't technically jewelery, but I've been wearing it a lot recently! I got it from Forever 21 (duh) for around $2. It's just bright cobalt blue bow hairclip that I love! It looks like one of the American apparel hair bows, but this one is wayyyy less expensive! I found a tutorial on Youtube on how to make these and I think it's a cool and fun idea!
  My next item of jewelery is also from Forever 21 (wow 4 for 4!) and was $1.50. I KNOW RIGHT. They also had one in white, and I sorta want to go back there to get another. It's got a super long rose gold chain, which I like for pendant necklaces. It has a pinky pastel rose, a gold leaf, and a little pearl all clustered together. It's so so so cute and I've worn it a bajillion times already!
This next piece of jewelery is from Target. I purchased it a few years ago for $10 I think! it's an old-fashioned bicycle on another super long chain. It's a faded gold color and it goes with literally everything! I love it!
This last spring jewelery item is this classic jade necklace. I honestly have no idea if this is real jade, but my aunt gave it to me (thanks girl!) and it's gorgeous either way! It isn't long at all, but it is looser than a choker necklace. The clasp is a cute vintage flower charm and keeps the necklace on my neck! Betcha didn't know this... my name, Giada, is Italian, and the English version of it is Jade! So Jade is kinda my name too!
Thanks for reading! Have a lovely day!
xoxo, Giada <3

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