January 22, 2013

Spring Fashion 2013

Lately I've been checking out some of the stores and lots of the blogs for what the spring trends are! Here are some of my personal faves :

From Forever 21

Hologram Shoes:
 metallics are huge for spring, and holograms are a lighter version of metals

Sheers, Brights & Metallics
bright colors were huge in spring 2012, and they're back!

Dots and Stripes
go from girly and sweet to clean and crisp with dots and stripes. well that was a mouthful.

From Topshop:

'Mommy Jeans'
high-waisted pants (and shorts!) are perfect for cropped tops and sheer blouses

florals? for spring? groundbreaking. honestly if you know where this quote is from we can get married. (hint: it's from a movie that rhymes with bevil dares trada)

Tribal Prints
aztec, navajo & ikat lovers rejoice!

From Chiara Fashion:

Cross Prints
whether your religion, you'll love cross patterns. Also, there's the skull pattern, but I don't really like wearing a symbol of death. :)

Cut-outs and Collars
dresses with cutouts to show off your tan and collars to frame your face- ADORABLE!

Camoflauge Print
I actually first saw Kylie Jenner wearing camp-printed stuff on Instagram (follow me at giadalovesyou !) Then I just started seeing it everywhere else. And lemme say, I love it!

So these are my favorite trends for spring 2013! Sorry, I couldn't post any pictures with these links! Blogger is being so weird! LOL but enjoy anyways!

xoxo, Giada

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